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The brand / Why choosing Evielab?

Why choosing Evielab?

A product extracted from quality hemp, without THC, without sugar, without calories, without GMO, vegan and made in France. Transparency and quality guaranteed.

The only sublingual micro pearl on the market

Evielab revolutionizes the star molecule of well-being by offering it in the form of micro pearls melting under the tongue.

Optimized and ideally dosed, without any psychotropic or side effects, presented in a nomadic tube, these micro pearls can be taken everywhere... It has never been easier to integrate a dietary supplement into your daily routine.

High bioavailability for fast effects

Each Evielab micro pearl delivers 5mg of hemp extract with superior bioavailability to ensure that more CBD reaches the neurotransmitters.

A unique format with a precise dosage

All Evielab products are presented in a polycarbonate dispenser tube. Hygienic, design, discreet, easy-to-use, it delivers the right dose to the nearest microbead for each time of the day.

Technical, precise, calibrated, efficient.

An approved quality protocol

Safety is an essential value in the design of Evielab micro pearls. All production steps take place in a clean room that comply with imposed environmental standards. Our manfuacture plant is equipped with a filtration and air circulation system to control the suspension of particles. Thus, the air becomes pure from floor to ceiling, and respects the standards of Pharmaceutical industry.