Introducing the World’s Most Advanced CBD

If you’re considering buying CBD oil online, don’t.

For too long, CBD consumers have suffered from greasy tinctures, sugar-loaded gummies, and vaporizer products that risked permanent lung damage.

Enter Evielab…

Evielab Pearls are the most convenient and stylish way to take CBD. Each Pearl is a perfect, snow-white sphere of cannabinoids and natural compounds. Evie is easy to take — just place the Pearls under your tongue for fast absorption and maximum bioavailability.

Evielab Pearls are manufactured with pharmaceutical precision and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). No expenses spared. Our team tests each batch for accurate dosing and purity. Then, a third-party laboratory Evielab again.

Easy to take. Easy to take with you.

Your Evielab Pearls are securely packaged for easy transport and easy consumption. Evie fits conveniently in your gym bag or purse, and won’t leak or drip like bottled tinctures.

Formed of medical-grade polymer, the Evie capsule is sterile and designed to stay that way. With each twist, the dispenser moves one Pearl into the cap while the rest of the Pearls are safely contained within. One, two, three tablets. Dial-in the perfect dose and remove the cap. Share Evie with your friends — without sharing your head cold.

More than CBD

Cannabis is more than CBD, and Evie is too. Evielab formulates your Pearls with a multitude of natural compounds to target specific outcomes like mental clarity and athletic performance.

A lot of people say that cannabis is our best plant ally. Its rich flowers contain dozens of terpenes and cannabinoids which most people don’t know about yet and — sadly — most CBD products neglect to include. Terpenes — the fragrant oils that give hemp its distinctive aroma — are common in botanical oils and useful in aromatherapy. They complement CBD and enhance its effects with a dynamic range of therapeutic properties.

And cannabis has dozens of other “cannabinoids,” too. Most people know about the two most popular cannabinoids — tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). But there are dozens of others. These “minor” cannabinoids — which are usually present in quantities less than 1% — show exciting therapeutic potential.


Many varieties of Evielab Pearls contain an important, ultra-rare cannabinoid called cannabigerol (CBG), a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. A number of cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, start out as CBG. Then, as the plant grows, CBG converts into THC, CBG, and other cannabinoids.

Researchers have found that it may play a variety of important roles as a neuroprotectant and anti-inflammatory. It’s also a potent antibacterial agent. But — more importantly — it magnifies the Entourage Effect which is crucial to getting the full benefits of cannabis.

The Entourage Effect Evielab’s products are designed around the so-called “Entourage Effect,” which boosts the efficacy of all cannabinoids and terpenes. The Entourage Effect (which researchers have documented extensively) describes an exciting synergy… When cannabinoids and terpenes are taken together, they help each other achieve an effect that’s greater than the sum of the parts. That’s because they change how cannabinoids interact with the body’s receptors. Terpenes modulate how cannabinoids bind to neuroreceptors and how they’re broken down by enzymes. It’s a complicated dance with many “dancers,” and researchers still don’t understand the nuances, but we’ve seen again and again that cannabis compounds work better together.

Evielab Pearls: Formulated for Stimulation… or Relaxation

Evie is there for each of life’s moments. That’s because Evie is formulated with precise combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids to achieve eight targeted effects.

Evie CBD for enhanced energy

Evielab FocusEvielab Sport, and Evielab Immunity are made to amp you up. They have three formulations, respectively, that include terpenes like stimulating alpha-pinene and enlivening myrcene. Along with CBD and CBG, these Pearls can help you sharpen your focus, enhance your performance, and boost your body’s defenses.

Evie CBD to release and unwind

Evielab Relief, Evielab Sleep, and Evielab Relax let you decompress and rejuvenate after a long day of work or play. They incorporate carefully selected terpenes like soothing linalool (from lavender) and terpinolene — all in combination with the highest quality CBD and CBG. Customers love these Pearls when they’re sleepless, stressed, or feeling achy.

Evielab Intimacy

The chemists at Evielab decided to spice things up with a Pearl made just for the bedroom. The result? Evielab Intimacy — a dynamic combination of enlivening terpenes, relaxing terpenes, and quality cannabinoids. Beta-caryophyllene (found in black pepper) and linalool have made Intimacy Pearls one of Evielab’s most popular products.

Pure Evielab

Evielab Pure is CBD in its purest form. For people seeking CBD isolate, Pure is the best choice. Like all Evielab products, Pure Pearls are highly bioavailable. But unlike other Pearls, these forego the CBG and terpenes. This is great for customers seeking high dosages of CBD or in situations when a medical professional recommends isolated extract. Learn More With Evielab Pearls, there’s more than meets the eye. Their spherical simplicity belies a wealth of R&D. Learn more about what goes into Evielab Pearls.