CBD, Sex and Sensuality

Simply stated, plants can help us feel better. And when we’re already feeling good, they can help us feel even better than that.

For millennia, people have used botanicals such as hemp to alleviate pain, enhance pleasure, and generally aid in the awesome experience of being human. From spiritual ceremonies to achy lower backs, our plant compounds have served as trusted friends.

Now, technology has turned things up a notch with essential oil extracts and precisely isolated botanical compounds – compounds like CBD. And people are discovering the benefits. Some folks believe that the fragrant plant compounds (called terpenes), and cannabis compounds, (called cannabinoids) are helping them experience heightened sensual experiences and, yes, even have better sex.
At Evielab, we’re formulating exciting new products with active ingredients that go beyond just CBD. Our Evielab Pearls combines multiple cannabinoids and other plant ingredients to create an effect that’s more than the sum of its parts. And our Intimacy Pearls are specially designed to promote a sensual response. Read on to learn more about CBD and sensuality, and how other ingredients play a role.

Can CBD Help with Sex?

Stress and depression take a toll on our sex lives – even in the best of relationships. And people try so many things to reclaim the magic, everything from doctor-prescribed pharmaceuticals to fuzzy handcuffs. But what’s most important is the ability to relax into the moment with your partner. And that’s where CBD comes in.

There’s not a lot of research about cannabis and sex (maybe because it’s a little awkward to study in a laboratory), but preliminary research and happy anecdotes tell us there’s some promise.

Please make note: CBD is non-intoxicating. That’s important to remember when it comes to CBD and our bodies’ pleasure response. CBD is psychoactive — meaning it affects our nervous system — purpose CBD’s psychoactivity does not include feelings of being high. If you’re considering trying CBD in the bedroom, it’s better to think of it as relaxing and invigorating, rather than intoxicating.

Terpenes and Sensuality

Terpenes are the natural, fragrant chemicals found in cannabis, and they too play a role in sensuality, along with CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Odiferous fruits contain terpenes. And flowers contain terpenes too. In fact, terpenes are the most important ingredients in perfumes, colognes, and soaps.

You’ve probably noticed lots of these oils — such as soothing lavender and citrus zesty — being used to help with everything from migraines to arthritis. But do terpenes work? And will they help heighten sensuality?

Again, as with the question about the sensual benefits of cannabinoids, the answer is a tentative “yes.” Some botanical oils — which are essentially Mother Nature’s own medicinal formulations — clearly have benefits. Clove oil, for instance, has an analgesic effect that people have historically used for toothaches. That’s because it inhibits the body’s neural response, causing pain reduction. Peppermint oil can help with respiratory difficulties while lavender oil has shown antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Let’s take a look at common cannabis terpenes and their effects…


Linalool, the primary terpene in lavender oil, has been shown by research to have antiseptic qualities, but people primarily use linalool to promote relaxation. The subjective experience of relaxation is hard to quantify. However, anyone who has experienced a good neck rub with lavender-infused massage oil will vouch for its benefits. Linalool is definitely soothing, even if it’s hard to quantify “soothing.” Folks use linalool because they believe it can reduce anxiety, relieve headaches, and promote a smooth complexion. That’s why we include linalool in Intimacy Pearls. It’s a relaxing terpene that complements a sensual evening.


Limonene is another terpene that you will find in Evielab Pearls. It has a certain opposite effect as linalool; it’s uplifting, rather than relaxing. The flowers of marijuana plants contain limonene, but it is more abundant in citrus fruits like lemons, as the name limonene suggests. Many products incorporate this terpene, with therapeutic intentions ranging from weight loss to cancer prevention. One taste of a freshly cut grapefruit is all the evidence you need to prove limonene is uplifting and energizing. That extra zing is always welcome in the bedroom!


Found in lilac and conifers, terpinolene is on the relaxing end of the terpene spectrum. It’s a complex combination of pine, citrus, and herbs. Some studies have shown it to have a sedative effect and, like linalool, terpinolene exhibits some antibacterial properties. Terpinolene brings a special mix of spicy and sweet to any concoction.


Myrcene is the most commonly occurring terpene in THC-containing cannabis strains. Its spicy fragrance enlivens black pepper, lemongrass, and possibly the bedroom too. Folk medicines across Asia have long used myrcene for pain relief, and it likely plays an important role in the purported pain-relieving qualities of medicinal cannabis products.

Magic: The Entourage Effect

Terpenes and cannabinoids are great on their own, but the real magic happens when they combine — either naturally in the plant or scientifically in supplements like Evielab Pearls. The so-called Entourage Effect happens when multiple cannabinoids and terpenes are consumed at the same time. The “entourage” works together to make the whole effect more than the sum of the parts. Research studies have shown that cannabinoids modulate one another’s actions and that CBD lessens the undesirable and anxiety-producing effects of THC.

Evielab Pearls do not contain THC. Instead, they are made with terpenes, cannabidiol (CBD) and the minor cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG). When these compounds combine, you get the full effect of CBD, just like nature intended.

At Evielab, we strive to learn from the cannabis plant while also improving on what nature intended. To formulate our sensuality Pearls, we examined the chemical composition of popular hemp varieties known for their enlivening and sensual qualities. We found the same terpenes and cannabinoids recurring across each of these varieties. So, we combined them into a new formulation. But, before we did, we referenced other scientific literature to ascertain — when it was possible — the therapeutic doses of each terpene and cannabinoid. What you get is the most sensuality-enhancing, relaxation-inducing, pleasure-increasing CBD available today!

As cannabis science and our understanding of CBD expand, Evielab will continue to bring you advanced products made with the finest ingredients.

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